Who We Are

Credablepro is an elite company of professionals who adhere expertise in every segment of the revenue cycle management that provide you work of quality, consistency & transparency. Always up to date as per market requirement and flexible according to client wish. Credablepro is best delivery partner for outsource industry that never left money on the table, even help you to grow your business. So don’t worry about your money, we are here to help you raise your money bar. Let’s come and start a new ERA.

Focus Area: We do not compromise with quality to be suffered in any case. With quality, consistency, and transparency we set out goal area. Our care dependent upon quality expertise.

Enactment: We are determined and pioneering people. We set our goals as of client wish andfulfil them with our dedication against every odd. We are passionate about our work and our work is to fulfil more than client’s requirement.

Resourcefulness: Curiosity is energy of our dedication and cleverness toward work. We always think out of the box to create new goals of profit and emphasis to raise limit bar on every area. We use all the advance technology to cut short the time to cover all different work area.

Teamwork: We are curious, passionate, and smart worker. We learn from our mistakes and never repeated that again. We took work confidently and deliver that on time. Our efficiency, quick grabbing & mutual understanding will client make us elite.

What we did: Since 2011, we created a pace in the revenue cycle industry,by using advance technology, smart worker, enhancing the quantity and quality in doctors’ production and out of the box approaches for better work delivery. With continue changing in world and in revenue industry like ICD-9 to ICD-10, yearly improvise in billing guideline, change in insurance rules, change insoftware, or web application use for PM and E.H.R./E.M.R.we as Credablepro Healthcare Solution adapt all changes and always stand on the top to clinch them.

We as a business owner understand the value of time,money,and no compromise with quality this for our clients because a good profit makes happy customer and for that profit bar mustraisethat totally depend on quality and quantity.That’s what we are doing for our clients. We have aggressive approach towards best results for our clients.Analyse, predict, reduce risk and accurate action are our main key to work.

Resolution: – Help doctor in patient care.

Perception: Doctor’s growth in revenue and improve life quality with our services.

Pursuit:To be on top of ranking in industry with creating a big community of healthcare with satisfied profits and services.

Careers: We offer a home friendly work environment, where you feel like your second home.We appreciate new ideas to improvise process. In Credablepro we always lookfor open minded, out of box thinker, who create a great leadership milestone.

Investor: We got a big support from Ultra group of companies to handle our all curriculum. With huge budget to support we can exercise every new thing come in market easily, that demonstrate how flexible we are to grab small and high-level business.

Quote “ Aggression in work and politeness in behaviour is key to success”  Vipin Kapoor-Leader

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