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20+ year’s of working in industry and I see many billing companies who handle outsource work but I feel CredablePro is elite in compare of costing, quality, working environment and many other part. I personally never got the feeling about some other company is handling my billing.

Dr. Harry

Unpaid claims are the big problem of healthcare industry and to overcome this is big challenge. CredablePro help me to decrease these numbers and show me the reason behind this. They checked my billing process and found the loopholes/mistake what my previous billing company was doing. They help me to recover my losses and improved my billing cycle.

Dr. Denver

In this pandemic time hiring a billing person/company is too much critical. All look identical, giving same facilities but as a business person it’s important to check the option, who provide you best facility with low price still there will be dilemma whom you pick. I took the risk and give few patient billing to CredablePro and they did exceptional work with unexpected low cost as compare to my previous billing company, there I decide to move my whole billing to them. Now I can say they are giving me services way more then what I am paying off.

Dr. Lee

I was struggling with my last billing company they were charging me 6% of my collection but the graph of my collection is falling down rapidly just because of their careless behaviour. So I checked with CredablePro and they help me with giving 1 month free billing, in which they analysis my billing and develop a plan to increase my revenue. Their staff is so friendly and professional, I never had a great team working for me.

Dr. Rob

While treating a patient, handling all billing work is too hard like demo/charge entry/payment/Ar call’s and specially to focus on updated guidelines that will get change continuously. We can’t focus on both billing and treating patients at same time. I took help from CredablePro, they have experience staff who are always on top of everything, though I don’t need to focus on my billing part. They show’s me weekly/monthly/quarterly report on my billing graph and every time come up with new idea’s to make my billing grow. They implement all new techniques and equipment which help my business grow.

Dr. Jeff

I was too busy in my schedule that I don’t had time to check what new things was introduce in billing, just because of that I had to follow other’s method of billing (Buy 2-3 software – P.M,E.H.R and Document software). After changing the billing company and choosing CredablePro they introduce me to Visit Entry & Capture method which eliminates one of billing software. Their expert coding team validate the claim’s on proper way to get paid on first go. Right decision to pick right company on time.

Dr. Harvey

In last two years my revenue decreases so rapidly that I won’t afford billing company and didn’t get the idea to increase and make stable revenue. One of my good friends suggested me to check with CredablePro if they can help you. I got connected with them, they just gave me first month free billing and help me to raise my revenue at a level where I can afford 2 billing companies in a very short period of time. The best part is their transparency & affordable charges according to physician collection.

Dr. Chan

Just due to pandemic situation number of patient increased and the billing work got huge in size daily. My billing staff won’t able to handle this, so I decided to hire billing company. While reviewing many companies I found CredablePro suitable. As per my requirement they selected billing & quality staff and took care of my billing so easily I felt they were handling my billing from start. The staff was so experienced, they knows when and how the billing problems can be handle.

Dr. Shah

Professional, efficient and experience staff can make your billing better and work smother. Health care industry is evolving in such a pace that to be on top of everything will be harder day by day. I choose CredablePro because they have experience staff who always stand on top of any task, they hired staff as of your requirement, they own a huge building/equipment, they will charge for your billing as per collection and for starting one month free billing. I don’t feel any doctor billing need anything else (Smart staff, low cost billing & growth focused management).

Dr. Jose

Medical Billing

Medical Billing has become the crucial part of revenue management…

Medical Coding

Our experienced Medical Coders are professional, skilled, and well versed in international coding practices…

Benefits & Verification Eligibility

For any Revenue Cycle Management Healthcare cycle, BEV is the most crucial part. We are into the assurance that your patient’s plan holds coverage for the procedure to be followed by you. This will be eliminating all eligibility related denials and enhances revenue by at least 7 – 10%.

Coding & Submission

Scrutiny of claims is done to maximize reimbursements without over-coding which implies one of the ways of our typically boosting client’s revenue by 10% – 20%. We are into the maintenance of a nearly 100% success rate on the first attempt of HCFA and UB clearinghouse claims with WC (workers compensation) and NF (No-Fault) present as well. Our AAPC and AHIMA certified coders always tend to be ahead of all the latest updates of coding.

AR Follow Up

We all have the awareness that claims are bound to be denied by insurances. Therefore, the most crucial aspect of any billing workflow is AR follow-up. The timely run is ensured by Accounts Receivables follow-ups around rejections and denials. Here at CredablePro, we ensure the allocation of maximum resources to the AR follow-up team such that there is a timely follow up of a high number of submitted claims to enable quick action and re-working of the denials.

Denial Management

We are into ensuring that there are minimum denials of your AR. We have experts who can overturn all types of denials extensively, right from medical necessity denials, maximum benefits exhausted, the requirement of additional documents, related denials coding, patient benefit related denials, issues of prior authorization, EDI issues, our adept team resolves and gets the denials overturned with timely, effective, affirmative follow up and extensive appeals.

Appeals/Medical Necessity

We have a separate team dealing with appeals and reconsiderations, working closely with the AR team. For each type of denial, our team has both pre-set and customizable appeal formats. Extensive appeals that comprise the timely submitted right information are bound to have an enormous impact on effectively overturning the most complicated denials.

EOB/ERA Posting

We assure all your EOB’s (Explanation of benefits) and ERA’s (Electronic Remittance Advice) are regularly posted and reconciles towards making sure of the accurate end of day statement for your staff to review and access average revenue growth. We comprise a two-tier quality system in place to make sure all postings go through a level 1 and level 2 check before the generation of the final reconciliation report.

Patient Statements

It is a must to collect patient balances after insurance and co-payments that are among the largest of owed buckets. What is needed to help is available with us that will ensure you in getting every dollar from every patient. All patient statements are handled as well as we take calls from patients who even have statement questions. Side by side we make polite calls to remind patients of their balances with the usage of all modes of communication including emails, fax, texts, etc.

Revenue Enhancement Meets

Our billing workflow is kept highly transparent with our clients. Workflow logins of the billing teams are shared for outright transparency with the client. There is weekly sharing of all the reports. Monthly REM sessions are organized with the client ensuring that we lay out a clear road map, passing overall ageing and revenue reports, showing the client exactly what we have planned to set up their collections, therefore, revenue growth and assessment in the coming quarter.

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