Medical Laboratories

Laboratory Credentialing and payor enrollment is a wholly diverse concept. CredablePro has a decade long knowhow in Laboratory RCM and pioneers the space of Lab payor Enrollment. We vocation quite closer with your management teams and other facilities to ensure we draw up the effective areas from where your Lab is getting maximum business or the prospective areas from where getting business is a possibility. For any laboratory’s growth and development, Multi state payor enrollment is necessary and we ensure your Lab has extensively got the most in network contract directory for you to keep your business running.

Credablepro Laboratory
Billing and Coding

Real-Time Updates and Transparency

Transparency has always been the key solution. We have an effective platform, which is our comprehensive online tool providing outright work flow transparency, the application status, extensive reports, document storage that is secure and has HIPAA compliance towards giving other important detail regarding your payor network. We offer accurate real-time information to everyone having involvement in the continuum of credentialing, since we have provided assistance to many medical providers for the achievement of the latest transparency levels along with convenience of payor enrollment work flow, quickly and accurately.

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