Patient / Client Centric Enablement

Quality Care is
Dependent upon
Quality Expertise

Give your patients what they are anticipating:

  • Accurate Statements
  • Accurate Benefit Checks
  • Faster Reports
  • Online Conveniences, and
  • Courteous Customer Service

Consolidated Statements

Easily understandable formats are used for patient statements such that every patient can comprehend the charges, payor disbursements, adjustments and their accountability undoubtedly. We have a continuum of improving the clarity of patient statements to diminish call volumes for patient queries.

Patient Help Desk

We are offering a patient help desk that is dedicated enough to our practices and other healthcare clients. The patients don’t identify the practice, but they instead call us and all enquiries are handled by our courteous, well trained team of patient relationship management.

Patient Payment Options

We are providing convenient online portals for your patients’ disbursements; merchant account processing, paper checks. We enable payments processing and you see the money going directly into your bank. We are all the time available for your patients to approach by means of various platforms like, phone, text messaging, and email. All the information given is encrypted and will have HIPAA compliance.

Patient Collection

We are definitely not the collectors belonging to any third party and neither do we adhere to their behavior. We tag on protocols with efficacy and politeness for the collection of the dues from your patients. We convey 3 statements to the patients at every interval of 3 weeks. For all the accounts that are overdue, we make polite reminder calls about collection. Additionally, we send emails, texts and try and reach out to the patients in every probable way, considering that there is no compromise with their privacy and time. However, your monetary units are rightfully yours and we are bound to do collections for you and so we assure we do the maximum collections of patient dues for your practice / business.

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